BING BOY: The 6th Century imperial food on Australian shoppers’ lips

Posted by Richard Cowley on 28 July 2015

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Bing Boy is the name (and food!) on everyone’s lips in Australia at the moment with the new urban Asian street food already developing a cult following in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland where stores have opened.

For the uninitiated, ‘Bing’ is a Chinese term used to describe a traditional thin wheat omelette wrap jam-packed with various mouth-watering fillings, while ‘Boy’ is a western term used to express strong feelings of excitement such as “oh, boy!” as the Bing is being eaten.

Since 2011, this tasty, fresh, quick and healthy food has been rolling out through franchises across Australia and now has a total of 25 franchises across three states.

With its mythical roots entrenched in the Tang Dynasty (circa 600 AD) when scholars in China were sitting for imperial exams, it seems fitting that Bing Boy has taken its very own first young scholar on an internship.

Alice Zhang (pictured right) is a recent Master of Accounting graduate, who is participating in the Navitas Professional Year (PY) Program. The program helps develop professional soft skills, guiding smart young international graduates as they prepare for work in Australia. 

Alice, who is on a three-month internship as part of the PY Program, is being mentored by  Bing Boy Accounting Manager Michelle Zhang (pictured left) who says she is delighted with the level of professionalism that Alice has brought to her workplace, and the support she’s received from Navitas Professional.

“It is the first time we’ve tried an intern,” Michelle said, “and we’ve certainly been very pleased with how Alice is performing.

“The support from Navitas has been just right too as I’ve known that I could refer to people anytime if I had any concerns,” Michelle said, then added promptly “not that there’s been any!” 

Reflecting the hunger that Navitas’ young professionals exhibit in their desire to learn about new careers and opportunities, Michelle says Alice has been learning the company’s accounting procedures extremely quickly.

“I thought the coding for all the different accounts payable, receivable, wages and so on would be a challenge for Alice,” Michelle said, “but she’s picked that up very quickly and is taking on more tasks all the time.

“There was of course a bit of settling in time, but that’s the same for any of us in a new role.”

Alice broke into the conversation with her easy grin and added: “There’s been so much I’ve learnt which I barely had time to understand at university, it is a great practical learning experience.”

And considering the growth Bing Boy is experiencing, Alice’s skills are certainly being appreciated!

For more information about Bing Boy’s franchises, please contact:
Michelle Zhang on 08 8356 2248 or

Author: Richard Cowley
Internship Placement Coordinator
M:  0448 064 755



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