Aviation company reviews electricity consumption with professional intern

Posted by Richard Cowley on 21 April 2015

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“Investing in youth is an important aspect of sustainable business prototype, they play a vital role in building a business through their contribution in new systems and processes and innovation” says HR Manager Tracey Neal. This is the philosophy which drew Adelaide’s leading aviation company TAE, towards an electrical engineering intern who is auditing, reviewing and making recommendations to reduce the company’s electrical consumption.

John Wang (pictured left) is completing the Navitas Professional soft-skills, post-university Professional Year Program (PY) which includes a 12 week internship as part of its coursework.

John completed his Masters of Electrical Engineering at the University of Adelaide but was eager to build his skills sets and realised he needed to “develop further to get ahead of his job hunting university class mates”.

“It’s a tough industry to be entering,” John said.

“I know I have to work smarter than other people in my field if I want to get a job. Today’s job market is very competitive so I went in pursuit of some first-hand practical experience to build my CV. It’s highly advantageous to list work experience on a resume as it helps one get their foot in the door when applying for a job position in the future”.

“There are three buildings here and I’m auditing and reviewing the electricity consumption of every item in each building, from major machinery to small computer monitors.

“After that, I’ll suggest options for cheaper sources of power for example solar, along with pricing and break even points if TAE decide to adopt my recommendations,” he added.

Tracey Neal (pictured right) is TAE’s HR manager who took the cue from management to find out more about internship opportunities.

“To start with we offered John a smaller project of just four weeks,” Tracey said, adding “we quickly realised though that John was extremely capable and we wanted to offer a bigger and better opportunity for both of us.

“The depth to which John can provide top quality and potentially cost-saving recommendations is impressive,” Tracey continued.

Grinning amicably, John said that he’d found the team at TAE very friendly and the overall whole experience particularly valuable.

“The internship at TAE is an engaging, fulfilling and rewarding experience, it’s provided an unique opportunity in my chosen field to gain practical experiences and at the same time I’m valuable to my host company. It’s a beneficial partnership ” he concluded.

Author: Richard Cowley
Internship Placement Coordinator
M:  0448 064 755
E: richard.cowley@navitas.com


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