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Navitas Professional has developed the Study to Work program in recognition of the increased focus on work integrated learning (WIL) and the need for customised career-readiness services. Study to Work is a fully customisable program, developed with tertiary institutions and industry partners to provide students with work-readiness training and tailored industry placement opportunities.

Navitas Professional has been facilitating internships and work-readiness training for both domestic and international graduates since 2008, including the delivery of the Department of Home Affairs’ Professional Year Program for Engineering, IT and Accounting graduates.

We are passionate about providing about-to-be qualified professionals with opportunities to put theory into practice. We source and vet appropriate industry partners, as well as offer: one-on-one internship preparation, initial workplace skills assessment, support throughout the placement and a post-internship debrief.

Follow the links below for more information on Navitas Professional's Study to Work program and WIL: